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Function :

Simmons : boards that perform very well in practically all conditions due their natural speed but excel in average mushy waves.

Introduction :

The mini Simmons concept revisited by l’Ours. Wide board, extra wide tail, concave on the bottom in the back and convex under the nose.

The volume, the glide, early take offs..... the ingredients for a perfect board in average waves. It's a board that gambles evrything on the planning, so you get a board strong with rebound and that passes through the sections like nothing. The felling of this board is demonic; you can surf the rails with finesse AND power at the same time, the speed is crazy!!! The maneuverability will surprise you as much as its handling in more serious waves.

This is the GONG version of Simmons concept. A super wide tail with a deep concave in the back on the bottom and a convex belly under the nose. The board is super fast, even on very slow waves. You think it's going to be hard to turn? Give it a try and you will be totally amazed!!! Surfing a Simmons is a full-on experience of a global concept based on natural speed. The best tool for small surf.

It's THE board, quick , compact and surprisingly maneuverable in smaller waves.

Ideal Waves :

  • Size : ankle to head high waves.

  • Strength : at her best in normal/average waves.

  • Type : all conditions.

Shape :

  • Rocker : tight for maximum speed in smaller waves.

  • Rails : hard at the tail and rounded off at the nose marrying with the convex belly for a smoother feeling.

  • Volume : generous without excess for early take offs and mad performance in small average waves.

  • Outline : very large at tail, and center with a medium/high wide point close to that of a longboard. The board carries hard and flys acrosss the water.

  • Tail : square tail extra large for immediate planning.

  • Nose : round point nose convexed under tip, avoids slapping and paddles fast.
  • Deck : slightly domed to conserve thinner rails and flat at center for control.

  • Bottom : big concave at tail for maximum control and bowed/convexed at nose for supple handling at high speeds.
  • Fins : twin fin.


Choose your size :


Technology WoodCKFusion Surf:

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS foam : solid and light.

  • Deck and Bottom in vaccum sandwiched Wood : solid and shock absorbing.

  • Deck: 3 layers of Fiber Glass, sandwiched Wood, reinforced at stress zones.

  • Bottom : 2 layers of Fiber Glass, sandwiched Wood, reinforced stress zones notably around Fin boxes.

  • Rails : Kevlar Belt and a total of 5 layers of xtra wide Fiber Glass the full length of rails.

  • Reinforced Boxes : are pre-glued (epoxy) into the high density PVC foam and re-reinforced with Fiber Glass layering.

  • Preshaped with CNC(computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates, 100% hand finished.

  • Finished with semi-flat Pro Finish for better gliding, and more resistant to scratches.

  • The WoodCKFusion is easily repairable in case of ding damage. We have all composites available

  • It is THE luxury technology at a great price. A superb construction with modern composites.


Included equipment :

  • 6 FCS I plugs aligned 3 by 3 for solid 3 tab mounting.

  • 2 GONG Keel Fins 125mmfleche_vers_haut

  • Concrete Fixed Plug on the tail for your leash. 


Pricing and Payment :

GONG Surfboard Matata Simone WCKF : 349 €

  • We make quality products. We are not "low cost".

  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.

  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 699€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)


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