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Function :

GONGs Strutless Kites are super versatile. They are defined more by their "liveliness" and their de-power capacity than they are by their Purpose because they can do it all.

In 17 sqm the Strutless is geared towards light and ultra light winds. She planes quickly and with zero effort, it's THE solution for pumping knots out of the absolute lightest of winds, notably while your equipped with a foil.

In 12 sqm the Strutless is geared towards light/ medium winds. She planes quickly, gives an incredible surf feeling, and impressive performances while freeriding in terms of cap/speed  and passing through wind lulls.

In 9 sqm the Strutless is geared towards medium winds. She planes quickly, gives an incredible surf feeling, and impressive performances while cruising.

The 6 sqm is designed to foil between 20 and 30/35 knts

The 3m will take the relay after 30 kts but she can fly early as well, so it is a kite that can be in the hands of a child looking for a kite that is not as strong and more adapted to their smaller size while an adult can navigate in 10 or 11m.

Introduction :

The Strutless is as her name indicates, our sail kite without lattes. L'Ours has developed this Kite in colaboration with one of the best Kite designers in the world with the goal of making a super light sail with an uncomparable feeling.

Conceived and designed on Surfplan (the best 3D conceptual software in the Kite world as used by all major Brands) resulting in a perfect sail for kitefoil, quickness and alive during freeride, and an incredible capacity to power/de-power. Total versatility and above all amazing feel on the Handlebar.

At the same time she combines incredible comfort with a blend of liveliness, dynamics and lightness while kiting at a very high level.

The Strutless offers, for example, the ability to release the sail, immediately and efficiently, in full window without having to get her out of the window. It's a total comfort while navigating that classic sails can't offer. Ideal for surfing, for foiling and for kiteloops.

Relaunching in reverse is childs play and it simplifies certain conditions. The Strutless behaves like a kite that wants to fly forward AND backwards by pulling more or less the backlines. We can relaunch it faster with less wind.

The overall lightness of the sail provides it with exceptional flight capabilities, notably when underpowered, and also with uncommon reactiveness. A very refined piloting. The sail flows through the air like magic and allows a cap and superior speeds greater than that of strutted sails.

The 40% loss of volume gained over strutted kites is a real advantage when traveling, but that is not the main arguement, the real qualities are in the air!

Strutless sails are designed to be easy to use and without hassles : 30sec inflation, fast mounting, adjustments reduced to absolute minimum, easy launching.

They are constructed with highest quality materials on the market : Teijin double Rip-stop(T9670), DPL175LL skeleton, TPU 0,1mm bladders.

Wind Range :

It's based on a rider at 75kg in what could be considered "ideal" conditions. Take note that navigating with a board that is "directional" (surf) allows you to hustle a couple more knots in low range, and with a twin-tip underfoot you can push it further and stay comfortable in stronger winds. 

Ideal Wind Range, Strutless 9,0 : 14kts->25kts.
Wind Range Tolerance : 12/13kts->26kts.
Kite weight : 2,3 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).
Ideal Wind Range, Strutless 12,0 : 10kts->20kts.
Wind Range Tolerance : 8/9kts->21kts.
Kite weight : 2,7 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).
Ideal Wind Range, Strutless 17,0 : 6kts->14kts.
Wind Range Tolerance : 4/5kts->15kts.
Kite weight : 3,5 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).

We must remind you, Kiteboarding is a high risk sport. Never go out when the conditions supercede your skill capacity/weight. Never Underestimate Nature. Never practice alone. The aforementioned Wind Ranges are advisory information only and only you are able to decide on any given day whether you enter the water or not. Please, show great caution and respect the inherent safety guidelines while practicing Kite, thank you.

Shape :

  • Strutless hybrid shape for maximum weight loss.

  • Moderate aspect ratio + for maximum flow and with a surface distribution towards the tips for maneuverability and to reduce the chord maxi (hence augment the speed).

  • Skeleton DP175LL : leading edge, lattes, tips and trailing edge (leech) are constructed with this fantastic tissue, rigid and solid, that act as a real skeleton for the Kite. High Strung, stability, durability. 

  • Segmented Leading Edge (22 segments), thin sections in the middle for maximum flow and thicker sections on the tips for better wind hold and maneuverability. A super compromise between power, relaunch, maneuverability while offering excellant rigidity.

  • Thin profile for maximizing the flow. This profile is optimized by the numerous amount of segments that refine the 3D shape. 

  • Recoiled Draft that excelerates kite speed : Hangtime and generous lift.

  • Ability to de-power completely. In the middle of the window you can instantly kill the power by releasing. At the zentih the sail auto-stabalizes due to the flap created on the Draft zone.  

  • Large and recoiled Tips facilitating the tilting of the sail during relaunch and while handling. 


Stock Dimensions :

  • Large diameter air valve (screw) and system one pump express : super easy to inflate/deflate, lightning fast!!

  • Briddles, simple, 1 inox ring sliding on a Spectra Briddle : direct handlebar feeling.  

  • 3 Rear Ear Anchor Points : Gives you choice to augment the Kites maneuverability and it's easy feeling on the Bar, or you may calm down the Kite and augment its feeling on the Bar.

  • 2 adjusting knots (for power) on leading briddles.

  • Straps sown into leading extremities to avoid hooking or entanglement.fleche_vers_haut

  • Recommended bar : GONG KITE BAR 49 cm for the 9m2 and 12m2 and GONG KITE BAR 69 cm for the 17m2 (not included with product, sold seperately, thank you).

Design :

  • Unicolor kite available in different sizes and colors.

  • 1 logo, GONG KITE, on the rip-stop at sail center.

  • GONGKITE logos , white on tips.

  • Sizing in white in the middle of leading edge. 


Technology GONG Kite :

The GONG Strutless kite sails are manufactured in one of the two biggest kite factories in the world using the highest quality standards.

Fabricated with the greastest care. The panels are cut using CNC and entirely assembled and sown by hand by the best artisans in the kite industry.

The materials used are by far the most noble. We demand are look for performance but also endurance and longevity and also materials that have proven themselves.

  • Briddles in Dyneema and Spectra, pulleys from Ronstan.

  • High quality double rip-stop, Teijin T9670 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).

  • Leading edge and latte in Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most solid on the market, and most expensive).

  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm : un-failing reliability.


A reminder, at the Kites weight - whomever the manufacturer - will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the Kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your Kite.

  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your Kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.

  • Our Kites are equipped with Bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the Kites resistance to us : Nosedives, Kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…

Included equipment :

  • High quality sail sack, with thick foam padding and large U shaped opening for no-hassle packing.fleche_vers_haut

  • Rapid bladder repair kit.
  • Fiberglass batten.

Available now !!!

Add this kite to your quiver before another rider takes it ;-)





Got Questions ?

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:


Discussion about the Strutless on our forum

La GONG Kite Strutless en vidéo :



Une seconde vidéo mettant en avant le confort en navigation et la facilité de redécollage :



En navigation dans le light :




Découverte de la Strutless avec l'option latte fibre :





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