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Function :

For the ultimate performance in Foil, objective : getting you to the highest step on the podium.

Introduction :

The Foil is the motor "absolute" to erupt in light/medium, even stronger,  wind speeds. Go three times faster than the wind, attain never before seen upwind angles, diabolical maneuvering and experience the pleasure of pure navigation while blending flight and total liberty over your waterscape!! 

The Matata Fiol PRO 5'1 is the latest evolution of the Mini Simmons concept, revisted by l'Ours and applied to our Foil Boards. A relatively thick board through the center for early planing and for housing the Chinook Tuttle Box. The multi-chined hull is THE solution for avoiding touchdowns and handling chop because it's very important to impede any braking while on your heelside angle at high speeds. The soft Diamond is wide enough to manage in light wind. The rails, also thin and soft, made to avoid speed loss or braking on unexpected touchdowns. This board is seriously tailored for high speeds and honed to assure and procure maximum control while the RPM needle is buried in the red!!

The high strung tech of the PRO, is reinforced with three supplementary layers of carbon under and over the Box. The Chinook Tuttle Box is also ultra reinforced. It traverses the PVC sandwiched deck and the double sandwiched PVC bottom for optimal transmission of energy.The Box reinforcements are 100% Carbon and sandwiched PVC Leaving you an incredibly dynamic board that remains precise, supple and resilient.

This Shape is ultra performant in light and medium winds, and will help intermediate riders in progress.

Ideal wind range :

  • Less than 75 kg : 3/4 nds -> 25 nds

  • 75 kg to 95 kg : 4 nds -> 30 nds

  • More than 95 kg : 5 nds -> 35 nds and up!

  • Ideal conditions : she blasts through it all like a rocket.

Stability :

  • Less than 75 kg : very buoyant.

  • 75 kg to 95 kg :  buoyant.

  • More than 95 kg :  if you have some skills it's great.

  • Skill minimum : competant and motivated kitefoiler, because the first 10 hours are going to be demanding.

Shape :

  • Rocker : tight for maximum speed through water, and air and with ample kick at the nose for the comfort.

  • Rails : thin and soft for that smooth feeling.

  • Volume :  relatively thick through center to maintain rigidity but heavily reduced along the edges thanks to the multi-chines which allow some seriously engaged heelsides.

  • Outline : wide at tail and through center with medium wide point and a thinned out nose designed to cut through wind while in flight.

  • Tail : diamond tail tapered to avoid hassles while maneuvering and enhancing your capacity to break the speed limit.

  • Nose : rounded point nose, with a kicked and perfectly shaped underside, significantly limits pearling/plunging on touchdowns even with lots of chop and heelside angle.


Stock Dimensions :

  • Length : 5'1 = 155 cm

  • Width : 20’’ 1/2 = 47 cm

  • Thickness : 2" 5/8 = 6,7 cm

  • Volume : 33 litres

  • One foot off nose :

  • One foot off tail :

  • Rocker total :

  • Deck : flat deck.

  • Bottom : multi-chined hull.

  • Tail : diamond tail, drawn in.

  • Nose : round point nose.

  • Foil : CHINOOK Tuttle Box, compatible with GONG Hellvator Foil.fleche_vers_haut

  • PRO Weight : 4,2 kg (weight margiins + or - 5%)


Technology Pro :

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS Foam Blank: solid and light.

  • Foam Blank : EPS high density Foam, 15 kg/m3.

  • Foam blank reinforcements : inclusion of a foam PVC high density 90 kg/m3 glued with a layer of Fiber Glass through box zone: fixation waterproof and hard as nails.

  • Deck detail : Fiber Glass biaxial tissue (6 oz)+ sandwiched foam PVC, high density, 90 kg/m3 vaccumed + 1 layer of biaxial fiber (6 oz) : solid, very light and very high strung.

  • Bottom detail : Carbon Fiber tissue (6oz) + sandwiched high density PVC Foam, 90 kg/m3 vaccumed around box zone + 1 layer of 6oz Carbon : solid, very light and and very high strung.

  • Reinforced box : the box is glued into the Carbon and Epoxy of the high density PVC Foam and reinforced with layers of Carbon Fiber, under and over, and all fully glued to the deck and bottom to avoid breaking.

  • Numerically controlled preshape, template controlled rocker, traditional shape templates, 100% hand finished.

  • Pro finish semi mate finish for a better glide and less sensitive to scratching.

  • The PRO is easily repairable to new in case of damage. Incredibly light and dynamic for extreme performances on an ultra high quality board.

  • It's THE extreme technology for pleasuring yourself with an incredibly beautiful board.
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Included Equipment :

  • 3 footstraps light GONG.
  • Deck Pad 5 mm grooved for adherance and comfort and integrated tail kicker pad for perfect foot placement while in straplees. All Factory installed.

  • Inserts, multiple for optimizing posible footstraps position choices. fleche_vers_haut


Pricing and Payment :

GONG Kite Foil Matata Fiol 5'1 PRO : 699 €

  • We make quality products. We are not "low cost".
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.

  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 1049€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)



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