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Take advantage of a 20% price reduction on this end of series model!!

High Quality Board Bag, at a GONG price!!

Extremely resistant exterior fabric, khaki color on top and rails, and white on the bottom. Interior lining white plastic thermo-isolation and water resistant, foam thickness; 10mm!!!

The bags contour is high (10cm high, 10mm thick foam) so as to avoid the zipper from making an imprint along the rail and it also permits each available bag dimension to be compatible with different board lengths and thicknesses.

Multiple carry handles and shoulder strap.

Heavy Duty Plastic zip closure that avoids blockage caused by sand.

Bag weight : 3,3kg

Compatible with :

All boards with dimensions strictly inferior than 7'0 x 29".

Product Photos correspond to that of 9'0x 32" bag.

"Satisfied or exchange" policy. If for any reason, and after our advice, the bag size does not satisfy you, contact us for an exchange for a bag more/or less ajusted to the dimensions of your board.

If this bag were sold in a surf shop it would cost 139€ if distributor and shop marges are taken into account.