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How to Order ?

Product Availability


Tracking your order 

Shipping costs 


Guarantee and responsability 

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How to Order ?

1/ Fill your basket :

To make an order on our Site you must simply fill your basket. Product availability of each article is clearly indicated under pricing with the colors green, yellow and red next to each product description.

2/ Enter your address :

Please complete/fill in your personal details.

3/ Choose delivery method :

While placing your order you may choose a home delivery or a Depot pick-up in La Baule (44). Note that our depot is open to the public Monday through Friday between 16h and 18h.

 4/ Pay your order with CB :

The payment of your order is made by a Bank Card, note that the debit is made at the time of order and not at the time the the merchandise is expediated. Also we do not accept payments by American Express. All payments are 100% secured by the Société Générale.


Product Availability

·  "Order today to be delivered:  in "X days" signifies that the product in question is in stock at our depot at La Baule (44) and will be delivered to you in X working days to an address of your choice, at the time of the treatment of the order once received. 

 ·  "Order today to be delivered: 9 days after the DD/MM/YY" signifies the the product in question is in transit between our manufacture and our depot in La Baule (44). By placing your order now you will have your order shipped to you in 9 working days (this is the delay and time it takes for the goods to be received, unpackaged and handled here at our depot and for us to get it in route to our clients in wait.) after the stated DD/MM/YY which is the date of berth(arrival) of the ship in the port located closest to us.

The anticipated arrival dates at the naval yards are subject to vary and evolve in function within parameters that we can't control : weather, worker strikes, ship engine failure, etc...

WE commit to communicating by mail, each week, the state of evolution of your order while waiting its delivery, and to keep you notified of any and all delay that we are made aware of.

 ·   A red light and the mention of "unavailable" signifies that all the products of this model are, with knowledge of an arrival date, have been sold out. If this model or product interests you you may demand by mail at an estimated availability date, and/or by clicking on "inform me when available" (on the page description of product in question) so as to receive notice the next time we put these items back online, and in stock, and available for sale.

 ·   An yellow light with the mention "last available products before restockage" siginifies that the concerned article (in stock or in transit) is not available for order until next stock replenishment occurs.

We receive several monthly shippments.




Your online payments are protected by ATOS Origin.

This implicates one more added procedure by you but insures maximum protection of your information.

  •  The payment Method :  

- we only work with Bank Cards in order to waste less time.

- on the Shop, payment and debit of CB is immediate.

- on our side we immediately begin to put into motion the treatment of the order, billing and delivery, the moment we have confirmation of payment.

- for a payment by bank transfer, please contact our commercial service :

  •  Payment Failure :

The payment may fail due to multiple reasons. here are some of the most frequent : 

- CB not accepted by the Site : American Express and/or Electron for example. 

- you have made a mistake while transmitting your personal info. 

- you do not have your phone with you on hand and have not received the confirmation code that must be entered on the interface. 

- the internet connection failed during order confirmation with bank. 

- you took to long in filling in your information. 

There are many reason why it may fail. 

In all cases of this "failure" :

- IT'S NOT A PROBLEM!!!!! We are here to help you facilitate this procedure. Our Open Forum is witness to this. Remain calm.

- the payment DID NOT go through. when it does you will receive a confirmation and billing email, not before. In fact our site is in advance of the banks and validates the order first. 

- we will be informed of this occurrance the morning after once we look into the bank statements from the day before. 

The moment we have information of a Non-Payment, we will reject the order and the product will be back in-stock and you will be notified by email. 

This operations costs you nothing.

There will be NO debit on your Bank Card.

The informations on your CB will NOT be registered within our system.


Tracking your order 

Once you have verified an order our Site automatically sends an email for order confirmation. Verify that this email did not end up in your Spam or other mailboxes.

The next morning (if you have made an order during the week, if not it will be pushed until Monday morning) we verify the validation of your order and modify the statute of the order. And change it to "being processed", if all products are available, or "on hold" if the products ordered are in transit. You will then receive a new email to inform you of this. Immediately following we treat your order, in less than 24h 95% of the time.

If your payment has failed and you are aware of it, you may place the order again, you will only be charged one time and you will not recieve a double order. If you are in doubt feel free to contact our commercial service at :



Shipping Costs 

The shipping costs of your order are calculated in function with the weight and volume of the package. So they may increase when new items are added to the order (except in circumstances specified   such as free delivery, like for certain accessories for example).

The total of shipping costs is a "generic" term, that regroups the totality of all associated costs tied to the delivery of your order : order processing, control and packaging of the products, and expidition by the transporter.

The total of the shipping costs of your order is clearly indicated in the top right hand corner the length of the ordering procedure and also before your basket has been validated, this allows you to simulate your order and be aware of the shipping costs that are associated.

We also offer our clients the possibility of not paying any shipping fees by passing and recuperating the merchandise directly at our depot in La Baule (44). n this case, at the time of your order, you must choose the depot address as the method of delivery and also choose "Pick-up at GONG depot, La Baule" when it is proposed. The shipping costs will then be re-calculated and nullified(cancelled).  The opening times of our depot for pick-up are from Monday to Friday between 16h and 18h. Your order will be ready for pick-up once you have recieved an email from us informing you that your order "is being processed".



The delivery of your order is insured by different transporters in function with the products ordered and/or their sizes. The SUP Boards (excluding inflatables) are delivered by a transporter that will contact you by mail and SMS before making the delivery. You will be in charge of designating the rendevous of your delivery and by being present to verify the state of the delivered merchandise.

The transport is handled by different and independent service providers. No financial marge(gain) is carried out by the company GONG SUP 1.

The quality of service that they provide is varied in spite of our demands. The product transport, notably the large sizes, are at risk of being damaged. The risks are rare but the compensation insurance is a meager fixed sum.

We highly recommend that you personally unwrap the material recieved in the presence of the delivery person for a detailed inspection. In case of litigation, follow the procedure of reclamation of the transporter and write the obligatory written reclamation in a Certified Letter with Signature of Reception within 48h to the transporter. All returns on our products are to be handled by the customer, the transfer of responsability takes affect at our loading dock. If there is a transport problem please contact us so we can insure you quick follow up and help.

The shipping costs announced on the Site are valid for Metropolitan Mainland France. If in case and/or you want to have your products delivered to another department or country, please make contact with our commercial team by mail ( before the validation of your order.



Guarantee and Responsability 

We commit to the greatest care in the conception, the selcetion and the realization of our products. Their legal guarantee ends one year after the date of purchase. However, the guarantee only covers a use that is considered normal and reasonable. The products that are broken due to conditions of misuse are not covered by the guarantee. It is the responsability of each to take care of the material, and its upkeep correctly. We hope that they offer you the best of good times and memorable moments and our ears are open to any remarks and/or recommendations.

Please inform yourself with our user conditions and available guarantee on the Site via this link We recommend a prudent and responsible utilization of our products. Water Board Sports may be dangerous for you, others and your equipment. It is your responsability as a practitioner to not use our products in conditions innapropriate to their designated use and/or your own level/capacity of expertise. GONG SUP 1 SARL and its third parties are under no circumstances responsible in case of accident of damage.


The SAV (service after sale) 

At any given time we are available by email to help you finalize your order, provide solutions, no matter what the issue :



The board I want to buy is not in stock, what can I do?

a. You must wait until it is back in stock after we are re-supplied. Once it appears in stock online you may pass your order via the shop with CB.

b. you don't want to miss this board and can't wait for us to be re-supplied : you may send us a reservation order.

If the board is not in production, we can inform you when we will begin its fabrication.

-to arrive to point of its fabrication we will demand confirmation of your order with a down payment request.

- at the arrival of your board in France we will ask for the payment to be paid in full in order to expediate your order as fast as possible.

Obiviously, if the board is already in process of fabrication we can reserve it for you for a partial payment.