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Function :

100% Waves : Your mind won't be on your Kite while surfing, and you'll have mindblowing maneuverability, with a capacity to ride upwind and have early planing.....


Introduction :

The Strutwave is our Kite fully designed for Surfing. After heavy commercial success with the Draw line, L'Ours has developed the Strutwave in collaboration with one of the best Kite designers out there wit the intention to precisely pinpoint the special needs and demands of surfers in terms of Maneuverability and Performance in the Waves. Taking the Base of the Draw they have added the finesse and also strong pivot Tips from the Strutless in order to create the Strutwave.

Conceived and design off of Surfplan (the best 3D software for Kite conception, utlized by the biggest brands, gage of our seriousness.), the Strutwave is a Kite that is 100% Wave oriented. She has a large Wind Range Usage, notably in low winds where her torque power allows you to undersize without problems. The objective is clearly to have the least amount of sail possible to be the most maneuverable. 100% Surf Spirit.

She offers you a direct and precise feeling, with a moderate presence on the Bar and an incrediblely strong reactivity, she's the queen of Kite Loops. But she can release on demand with an almost complete De-power. Making her ideal for Surf.

The Drift Lovers will appreciate this kite that does so when you let her, but you will also find her game ready to go when you demand it. Its large tips aren't there for nothing, they help augment leverage and reactivity. She is also very easily re-launchable in reverse by over-sheeting in. Perfect in the waves.

The Strutwave Kites are easy to use. They give you a Precise feeling on the Bar and an Accurate Piloting. Accesible to Riders coming straight out of a learning workshop who are focused on wave riding, but above all they're Perfect for Experienced  Wave Riders !!!!

The Strutwave is constructed with time tested materials and strategic reinforcements that preserve the lightness of the Kite. 100% high quality as we see few on beaches, our Kites are built to last.


Wind Range :

This calculation is based on a Rider wieght of 75 kg in conditions considered 'Ideal'. Take note that navigation with an Undirectional Type (Surf) Board allows you to add a few Knots in Low Wind Range and that a Kite can be pushed a bit further in high winds while maintaining comfort, with a Twin Tip underfoot.

  • In 5 m2, the Strutwave is oriented towards strong winds. She offers a maximum of control to ride without being overwhelmed. She remains managable but not excessive so you're not flying with something out of control.

Ideal Wind Range for the 5,0 Strutwave : 25 kts -> 40 kts.

Wind Range Tolerance : 23 kts -> 40 kts.

Kite weight : 2,0 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).

  • In 7 m2, the Strutwave is oriented towards moderate to strong winds. She offers you control and holds form in gusts while allowing light kiters to ride full speed at 20kts.

Ideal Wind Range for the 7,0 Strutwave : 20 kts -> 35 kts.

Wind Range Tolerance : 18 kts -> 38 kts.

Kite weight : 2,4 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).

  • In 9 m2, the Strutwave is oriented towards medium winds. She offers a maximum of maneuverability for her surface and a real good feeling on the Bar.

Ideal Wind Range for the 9,0 Strutwave : 16/17 kts -> 30 kts.

Wind Range Tolerance : 15 kts -> 32 kts.

Kite weight : 2,8 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).

  • In 11 m2, the Strutwave is oriented towards medium/light winds. She Planes quick and offers a maximum amount of maneuverability for her surface and has a very good feeling on the Bar. She is obviously a blast when Surfing but also throws it down when cruising.

Ideal Wind Range for the 11,0 Strutwave : 12 kts -> 23 kts.

Wind Range Tolerance : 10/11 kts -> 25 kts.

Kite weight : 3,2 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).

  • In 13 m2 the Strutwave is oriented towards very light  to medium wind. She lifts and planes out quick and is very maneuverable and has a great feeling on the Bar. Works incredibly well in the Surf as she does while cruising.

Ideal Wind Range for the 13,0 Strutwave : 9 kts -> 20 kts.

Wind Range Tolerance : 7/8 kts -> 22 kts.

Kite weight : 3,5 kg (weight margins + or - 5%).


Shape :

  • Hybrid C Shape for maximal polyvalence.
  • 3 Struts for perfect stability of profile, but minimal for a lighter Kite.
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio for the best Combo of Stability and maneuverability.
  • DP175LL Skeleton : Leading Edge, Struts, Tips and Trailing Edge are constructed in this fantastic and remarkable Tissue that is rigid and maintains its solidity and acts as if it were a real skeleton. High Strung, Stability, Longlasting Durability. 
  • Segmented Leading Edge (20 pieces) with thin sections at the center for a maximum glide and larger sections at the Tips to increase maneuverability.
  • Powerful Profile to maximize performance in light conditions. This profile is optimized by the important number of segments that refine the 3D Shape.
  • Strong capacity for Drift, the tips can be curved to capture air and slow down the glide.
  • Generous Hangtime and Torque. It's a Kite that has immediat power when you need it.
  • Large Tips for better re-launch and reactivity.



Technical Data :

  • Large Diameter Screw Valve and One Pump Express System : Super Easy to Inflate/Deflate at lightning speed.

  • 2 Ronstan Mini Pulleys sliding on a Spectra briddle line : Optimum Kite reactivity.  

  • 3 Rear Tip Anchor Points : Gives you choice to augment the Kites maneuverability and its soft feeling on the Bar (great feeling in waveriding), or you may calm down the Kite and augment its feeling on the Bar for Freestyle style.

  • Reinforcements on the trailing edge with insignia to avoid flapping.

  • Straps at tips of Struts that help avoid line hooking.

  • Recommended Bar : GONG KITE BAR 49 cm COMPLETE (not included in kite purchase, sold seperately).

Design :

Monocolor Kite available in different colors.

  • Tips, Leading Edge and Struts in Dacron. 

  • 2 logos GONG KITE on the Extrados between Tips and Center Strut.

  • Giant Logo GONG KITE, on the Spi at center of Kite.

  • Surface Logos on Leading Edge. 


GONG Kite Technology :

The GONG Strutwave Kites are made in one of the largest Kite Factories in the world and meets the quality standards of the finest Kites in the world.

It is constructed with the greastest care. The Panels are cut by CNC and entirely assembled by hand by the best workers in the Kite Industry. 

The materials that we use are amongst the finest. We search for the performance for sure but also we look for endurance and for materials that are time tested. 

  • Briddles made from Dyneema and Spectra with Ronstan Pullys.

  • High quality double rip-stop, Teijin T9670 (high stiffness, long lasting performances).

  • Leading Edge, struts, and tips made with Dacron Dimension Polyan DP175LL (the most rigid on the market and also the most costly).

  • Struts Bumpers in EVA for protection against friction.

  • Reinforcement patches in PVC KN200 along the Leading Egde and Struts extremities.

  • Bladders TPU 0,1mm for hardcore reliability.

A reminder, at the Kites weight - whomever the manufacturer - will vary following 3 main factors :

  • The more reinforced the Kite is with concern to material thickness, the higher the weight will be, but also the higher the resistance to crashes and also the longevity of your Kite.

  • The SPI is waterproofed by a coating process which preserves its performance in use. The thicker the coating, the heavier the fabric becomes, and also the better it ages over time session quantities. For the record, the exposure of your Kite to UV and treated water will gradually destroy this coating.

  • Our Kites are equipped with Bladders that are 100 microns thick, which is among the thickest on the market. We could easily descend to 60 microns but this would substantially diminish the Kites resistance to us : Nosedives, Kitemares, crashes, overinflation, etc…

Included Equipment  :

  • Kite Bag, high quality with protective foam and large U shaped opening for easy unhindered access..

  • Rapid Repair Kit for Bladders.



Available now !!!

Add this kite to your quiver before another rider takes it ;-)






Got Questions ?

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:


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