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Function :

The Pie Kite Board is the quick and highly maneuvrable Fish wich is ideal for light wind and waves that are lacking in power.

Introduction :

Almost equal to the surf model with slightly less thickness and equiped with FCS II boxes. Mounted in twin with a Heavy V, this board will remain extremely maneuvrable and plane easily in light wind. Compared to the Matata its swallow tail will allow you to carve a bit deeper, allowing you to tighten them up considerably. On the other hand we do like to surf her loosely allowing her to live, let's not forget her roots. She's a surf board through and through so she knows exactly what she's doing.

This Deep Fish Tail gives as much character as one can have on a board with dimensions that come with this generous shape. Incredibley fast due to the finnesse of its points, bouyant due to its width and coupled with an impressive incredibley maneuverable V. Literally the defention of Missile.

The outline is Traditional, pure and without exageration. The generous volume is exactly what it needs to be be in order to not hinder quick maneuvering.

The Take-Offs are as premature as they come, the glide immediate and the speed mindblowingly flagrant. It's a molotov Cocktail of pure fun but does not demand the highest skill level for its qualities to be exploited correctly.

And then comes the speed; One of the most important qulaiites of this board is its incredible Rail to Rail capacity. With the Deep Fish Tail that liberates the excess pressure and guides the board you have at your disposal a lift that favors tight turns. The Twin Fin mounting procures you efficient hold that does not interfere with maneuverability so you can switch Rail to rail in full speed without hesitation!

The Original Flying Carpet on Steroids!!!

Ideal Conditions :

  • Ideal wave size : ankle to shoulder.

  • Strength : at her best in mushy/normal waves.

  • Type : all conditions, even in the chop and wind.

Ideal wind range :

  • Less than 75 kg : 8 nds -> 20 nds

  • 75 kg to 95 kg : 10 nds -> 25 nds

  • More than 95 kg : 12 nds -> 35 nds

  • Skill minimum : beginner/intermediate, the mix of twin fin and deep fish tail allow to be fully maneuvrable while surfing.

Shape :

  • Rocker : almost flat for early planning good upwind abilities.

  • Rails : perf at the tail, retro at the front.

  • Volume : generous but without excess for mad performance in lignt conditions.

  • Outline : large at center with medium wide point and pinched at the tips.

  • Tail : deep fish tail for planning and good maneuverability while surfing.

  • Nose : round point nose.


Stock Dimensions :

  • Length : 5'2 = 157,5 cm

  • Width : 18'' 7/8 = 48 cm

  • Thickness : 2" 5/16 = 5,8 cm

  • Volume : 26 litres

  • One foot off nose : 15" 3/4 = 40 cm

  • One foot off tail : 15" 1/2 = 39,31 cm

  • Rocker total : 13,8 cm

  • Tail : deep fish tail.

  • Nose : round point nose.

  • Fins : twin.fleche_vers_haut

  • 2SK Weight : 4,4 kg (weight margins + or - 10%)


Technology 2SK kitesurf :

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS 26kg/m3Foam  : super solid.

  • Deck detail : 3 layers of Fiber Glass spread out on both sides of the 3mm PVC and the Wood Core Sandwich (creating a doubled Sandwich throughout the deck) and assembled under high pressure.

  • Bottom detail : 2 layers Fiber Glass spread out on both sides of the Wood Core Sandwich assembled under high pressure, reinforcement at the hot spots.

  • Kevlar Belt Rail : 1 layer of Kevlar that girdles the board, under the Fiber Glass. Hard as Nails.

  • Wood Stringer : maximum solidity.

  • Preshaped with CNC (computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates, 100% hand finished.

  • Finished with mate Pro Finish for better gliding, more resistant to scratches and gives a competition look.

  • The technology GONG 2SK Kitesurf is easily repairable in case of damage. We also have all fix it materials available if needed. She is fabricated solid and made to last.

  • It's THE kitesurf technology, high quality and solid.

For more information click on the link below :

Tout savoir sur la technologie kite 2SK

Included Equipment :

  • 2 FCS II Glass Flex Fins for Twin fins setting.

  • 2 lateral FCS II Boxes, highly resistant glued into the deck sandwich.

  • New 3D Function PAd : front pad + tail pad + boomerangs, 5 mm thick, grooved, installed during fabrication and procure absolut comfort and adherence.

  • 2 Footstraps Symmetric Large Light.

  • Inserts, screws and washers included for mounting your straps.fleche_vers_haut

  • Concrete Fixed Plug on tail.


Pricing and Payment :

GONG Kiteboard Pie 5'2 2SK : 499 €

  • We make quality products. We are not "low cost".
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.

  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 749€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)



Available now !!!

Add this board to your quiver before another rider takes it ;-)


Got Questions ?

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:

Tout savoir sur les Pie kite 2SK 2018​



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