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Function :

Execute some aggresive and varied surfing in smaller/medium waves with the ease of a mini-malibu without being encumbered.

Introduction :

The Batmob is an easy and performant board that perfectly meets the needs of beginning surfers or those on a good learning curve who desire an efficient and compact board for everyday conditions. This hybrid and juiced up shape is also appropriate for larger sized riders, that are competent, who want to avoid the encumberance of a Malibu but the classic shortboard doesn't supply enough volume or surface for them.

Paddling is easy with the aid of her rocker. She drops in early on the waves and is quite performant due to her large tail that offers heightened natural acceleration. The stance points are easier to manage than with a board that has a narrow tail because they're distributed equally between front and back feet. This larger tail gives more stability and power by demanding less technique. At ease while carving, the board is playful even in imperfect conditions. Better in less powerful waves.... which is the big plus of this board.

Accesible to an almost beginner all while staying super efficient and lively under the feet of an expert.

Ideal Waves :

  • Size : for knee to just overhead.

  • Strength :at her best in mushy/normal waves.

  • Type : all conditions, even the chop and wind.

Stability :

  • Less than 75 kg : very easy

  • 75 kg to 95 kg : easy

  • More than 95 kg : top with some skill.

  • Skill minimum : beginning surfer, or lightweight, good all arounder for a competent bigger rider.

Shape :

  • Rocker : intermidiate between short and longboard : very manageable and fast in small waves.

  • Rails : thin and soft for real smooth surf feeling.

  • Volume : generous without being excessive; early take offs and mad performance in small/medium waves.

  • Outline : large at tail, medium/high wide point and nose closer to that of a longboard.

  • Tail : twin diamond tail

  • Nose : round point nose


Stock Dimensions :

  • Length : 6'10" = 208 cm

  • Width : 21" 5/8 = 55 cm

  • Thickness : 2" 1/2  = 6,3 cm

  • Volume : 45 litres

  • One foot off nose : 16" 7/16 = 41,7 cm

  • One foot off tail : 16" 3/8  = 41,6 cm

  • Rocker total : 17,4 cm

  • Deck : flat for control.

  • Bottom : V'd at tail for rail to rail and flat in front.

  • Tail : twin diamond tail

  • Nose : round point nose

  • Fins : quad or Tri-Fin.fleche_vers_haut

  • PU 444 Weight : kg (weight margins + or - 5%)



Technology PU surf 444 :

  • High Quality Materials : Arctic and Pacific Blanks, Silmar resin, Hexcel Fiber. Best of the best.

  • Board 100% Polyester Silmar resin over Polyuréthane Arctic stringered Foam Blank 35kg/m³ (wood stringer 3mm).

  • Deck details : 2 layers of Fiber Glass, 4oz Hexcel.
  • Bottom details : 1 Fiber Glass layer, 4oz Hexcel, plus 1 patch of Fiber Glass 4oz wrapping the tail and the Fin Boxes.
  • Numerically controlled Preshape, modeled after traditional templates, 100% Hand Finished.

  • Mate finished for a better glide, less sensitive to scratching and a competative look.

  • This technology is easily repairable in case of damage and has its advantage of not taking in water if you take a blow while still in the water.

  • It's THE technology of a ''craftsman'' shaper, and fully delivers an uncomparable and sought out surf feeling.

  • These boards are 100% shaped and glassed in Portugal in one of the best factories in the world, which provides boards to title holding surfers.

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Included Equipment :

  • 5 FCS II plugs  : the Roll's of boxes.

  • 3 FCS II Glass Flex Fins.fleche_vers_haut

  • Concrete Fixed Plug on the tail for your leash. 


Pricing and Payment :

GONG Surfboard Batmob PU 6'10 : 399 €

  • We make quality products. We are not "low cost".
  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from shaper to surfer.

  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 839€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)


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