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Function :

Maximum Performance : fast paddling, minimum nose/tail inertia, extreme versatility.

Introduction :

The Curve Pro 7'4, 7'6, 7'11, 8'4, and 8'9 are size variations based on same shape in different volumes and lengths design to adapt to the needs of different sized riders. You can choose one adjusted to your weight for thrashing waves or size up in order to have a more comfortable ride.

In any and all cases, the Curve PRO 100% Foil are the boards, without concession, destined for radical carving : Rollers, Heavy Cut-Backs, Airs and heavy waves.

The Curve PRO 100% Foil will be the board for those who want to produce and acquire some aggressive surfing while keeping good paddling cadence. Ideal for a surfer weighing under 85 kg and good up to 105kg.

Paddling she is super comfortable with a pronounced Rocker which keeps her well posed in the water. Her Kicked nose allows her to cut easily through the chop. Her Row is moderate and she drops in easily because she takes off fast due to her thinned out nose and positive Foil Angle.

In effect, The specifications of the GONG Foil Boards are to work the centering of the Surfer on the Board for paddling with the stance of a Surfer in motion. The Take off is premature  and sure. No need to pull back a Foil once in motion, you’re in the sweet spot in perpetuity. While in the air you have as much weight in front as you do in the back which makes it ideal for pumping and quick turning. The Board is alive. While paddling the centered stance enhances the Row and gives her an agreeable effect instead of having the feeling of a ball and chain with you if it were set back.

The Foil itself is well centered which is another important specification singular to GONG which has studied and brought about the perfect angle of the Foil. The specific case is if the Mast is perpendicular to the Hull the angle is negative, which means to say that while rowing the Foil will aim you downwards. An absolute feeling of sluggishness. Hence we have put a Postive Angle on it ; the Foil follows the Line of Flotation!!  Which puts the Board flat in the air instead of Flying angled upwards as is what happens with a Foil perpendicular with the Rocker…… It is sufficient enough to test and think out all possible combinations in order to find the magical solution to its usage. For those whom have tested both options find the difference of feeling flabbergasting.

While Surfing she manages even the most sketchy Take-Offs with class and almost by her lonesome. Two or Three good paddles and it’s on like Donkey Kong. The Rocker absorbs the slope and secures the Strap entry with serenity. The thinned out tail is lifted which allows you to pump earlier without the water drag. She offers a big precise piloting and doesn’t touch the water till the last second.

It’s an incredibly aggressive Board, at ease in all kinds of waves, even the steepest and heaviest waves. Furthermore the more wave power there is the more at home she feels. A real dynamic Surfer will be able to exploit her even in the mushiest of waves due to her paddling facility. On the other hand you better have the mastery of balance necessary to be able to handle this board and enjoy her playful and finer ppoints ;)!

The Curve 8'9 is the Shortboard that is high performance with paddle speed and a refined flying capacity.


Ideal Waves :

  • Size : knee to double overhead.

  • Strength : at her best in solid punchy waves.

  • Type : an all conditions board, even in the wind and chop, but obviously prefers glassy for paddling........as we all do.

Stability :

  • Less than 75 kg : to easy.

  • 75 kg to 95 kg : perfect.

  • More than 95 kg : perfect.

  • Weight maximum : 127 kg.

  • Skill minimum :  proficient/advanced and lightweight SUPer.

Shape :

  • Rocker : sufficient, enough to handle a steep slope for tight turns and at full speed.

  • Rails : thin and hard for that real hardcore surf feeling.

  • Volume : the strict minimum for this sized model in order to maintain comfort while paddling AND surfing.

  • Outline : narrow at tail and center with medium wide point and a thinned out nose.

  • Tail : diamond square tail, aggresive made for unhindered shredding.

  • Nose : point nose 100% wicked.



Stock Dimensions

  • Length : 8'9 = 266 cm

  • Width : 31" = 78,8 cm

  • Thickness : 4" 5/8 = 11,8 cm

  • Volume : 135 litres

  • One foot off nose : 18 5/16" = 46,6 cm

  • One foot off tail : 19" = 48,3 cm

  • Rocker total : 29,8 cm

  • Tail : square tail.

  • Nose : point nose. 

  • Fins : nope, this board is dedicated to foil riding.
  • Foil box : Chinook Tuttle for GONG Hellvator Surfoil

  • PRO Weight : 9,0 kg (weight margins + or - 5%)


Technology Pro SUPFoil : 100% MADE IN PORTUGAL !!!

  • Board 100% Epoxy over EPS Foam : solid and light.

  • Foam Blank : Blank EPS, high quality, 15 kg/m3. produced only 30km from our factory in Portugal and the finest exsisting quality. 

  • Reinforcements, PVC 90 kg/m3  and Fiber Glass on fin boxes and carry handle areas : solid and watertight.

  • Deck : FDV 4oz + PVC 90 kg/m3 + Carbon 6oz + foot placement reinforced with UD 12oz carbon : lively, light and solid

  • Bottom : Carbon Tissue Biaxial 6oz : high strung and lightweight. 

  • Reinforced Chinook tuttle Box : are pre-glued into the high density PVC foam with carbon fiber and Epoxy resin and re-reinforced and connected to the deck and the bottom with Carbon Fiber layering to avoid problem.

  • Resin Bio-Based Epoxy, Greenpoxy by Sicomin, leader in the French composite industry.

  • Preshaped with CNC(computer-numerical-controlled), shape rigorously controlled from traditional templates. CNC by KMS(French company).

  • The finition is white but has been sanded in order to not expose the Carbon to the sunlight and the tail is red.

  • Finition, Pro finish semi mate, for better glideand more resistant to scratches.

  • The technology GONG PRO is easily repairable in case of damage.

  • The latest in "extreme" technology to find pleasure on this beautiful board.

For more information click on the link below :



Included Equipment

  • Chinook Tuttle box high resistance.

  • Several footstraps inserts to optimize your stance.

  • 2 GONG footstraps.

  • 3D Function Pad 5 mm :  "Inteligent" deck coating concieved to deliver a different feeling under foot to differentiate zones with comfort and total adherence.

  • Leash plug Concrete Fixed at tail to never lose your board.

  • Integrated central Carry Handle on the board deck.

  • Vent Screw.







Pricing and Payment

GONG SUP Pro Curve 100% Foil 8'9 : 1199 €

  • We make quality products. We are not "low cost".
  • This Board is crafted in our own Factory here in Europe : you are purchasing DIRECTLY from the artisan/shaper, a quality board, using less transportation!

  • We sell simply without an intermediary thanks to the internet : direct from Shaper to Surfer at the LOWEST price..

  • If we sold this board in a surfshop, it would cost 2399€. (taking into account traditional margins that we should offer to distributers and stores)




Available now !!!

Add this board to your quiver before another rider takes it ;-)



Got Questions ?

To go and ask all possible questions about this product and read all user/rider feedback, click on the link below:

http://www.gongsup.com/forum/Tout savoir sur les modèles Curve 100% Foil PRO 2017fleche_vers_haut



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