About us

About us




GONG SUP, Leader in Europe since 2006, and Frances first SUP Board Manufacture!





First and foremost GONG is about a group of friends that were lucky enough to live close to the ocean.

Their pockets were empty but they had strong wills. The entire GONG spirit was founded on this bedrock. Its essence and spirit being cool and practical. The goal being to furnish the best equipment to have a blast on everyday and sell them for half the price than traditional commerce methods.

We don't hold any grudges towards Surf Shops in any way, we just realized that online distribution was the solution to combine high quality with low prices. We've done away with distributors. We've approached the factories ourselves without going through a "middleman" that takes 30% just for overseeing production. We sell direct in order to maintain that precious link between us and the client and to be able to offer them the lowest prices.

Today, like all the major brands we produce certain products in China, but recently due to a quality optimization issue we experienced and delays, we have begun to work with new production facilities in Portugal.

Our purchase price at the factories is the same as those of major brands, with whom we share these factories. The quality of our products is of the highest level. It's our working method that dictates our prices, and we never ever skimp on the quality, in fact it's the opposite.

Why you ask? Because our friends aren't millionaires. I mean who can afford a real Quiver at 1500€ a board? Those people are few and far between, although we are very happy for them.


Making the sport innaccesible financially or by promoting its image as too technical or Surf Jock Elitist through Advertising and Publicity makes no sense and is non-sense to us. For sure it's awesome to be the only two people on the peak instead of fifty and to maintain a small business for an elite few but we live from, and for, this sport and we feel that it is fundamental to not turn our noses up at anyone at all. Those people who only get to surf once a year are as important to us as our Pro-Team. Each and everyone of you has the right to have a blast, if you adhere to and respect the Rules of Surfing, no matter what your background;)!


GONG has always been focused on the future :

  • technologies of the future
  • shapes of the future
  • sports of the future
  • and not to forget the future of the planet!


GONG is a modern vision of our sport that we hope to make fresh and positive. No epic yarn spinning and giant waves that will never present themselves at your doorstep. We keep the dialogue real and show everyday online that we are real actors implicated in the life of the sport, not just simple financiers.

And neither is GONG a Hawaiian Brand, we surf what you surf : small, choppy, sometimes flat, sometimes great days and even massive waves depending on where you're at in Europe. We are a day to day brand, a brand who lives more than it sells.

So you feel like you want to play...... surely we got something to say to you;-)!

No matter what your skill level and/or how often you get to practice, we will be there to advise you and help you find the adequate equipment via email info@gongsup.com or through our forum.

Thanks to your confidence, GONG has become a real community and our shop is developing everyday! With it' GONG spirit and our expertise, our Boutique has that special little touch that will please you. Subscribe to us now and start planning your next session.


For more information about our products and Practice of SUP and Surfing, take the time to go through our mother site GONGSUP, which is the reference for information and images on our sports. The same for kiteboarding with the site GONGKite. And if you feel a need for an exchange and communication with our GONG community, subscribe to our Forum!!


And now, get to exploring GONG and expand your Quiver!!